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Drawing up of project documents.

The corporate group «Levit» was founded in 1997. The project company «Levit-Spetsmontazh» is one of the subsidiaries conducting business on national market for 20 years (with the head office in Dnipro). Having licenses and trained experts with solid experience (certified by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Regional Development and Housing and Communal Service). «Levit-Spetsmontazh» offers project service around the country. The company offices operate in Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Khmelnytskyi, Novomoskovsk, Pavlograd, Synelnykovo.

Our aim is to offer qualified and prompt project service.


  1. Qualified service;
  2. Individual approach to each client;
  3. Honesty and business transparency;
  4. Quick feedback;
  5. Constant self-development.

Our company has extensive experience in project solutions, cooperating both with private persons and enterprises of all types of ownership.


The project and installation of fire-alarm system and observation system for Ukrainian-American Company «Euromix» involved several fire-control devices installation, combined system of fire and smoke detecting sensors, cameras in 12-metres high warehouses. A full package of project documents as well as prompt and qualified installation by our experts provided high-leveled security and laidback vacations for our clients on Christmas. «Levit» proved to be a reliable General Contractor.


We draw up such documents as:

  • Project documents on outer and inner electrical networks (up to 1 kw), electric lightning;
  • Project documents on telecommunication networks;
  • Project documents on computer networks;
  • Project documents on video monitoring;
  • Project documents on access system;
  • Project documents on safety rules;
  • Project documents on security and fire alarm system.

The price-list on the projects mentioned above is considered regarding the technical enquiry.


Experience, feedback and service are said to be the key points in choosing a project company. Having a full package of project documents, worked out by one contractor, a client avoids disputable points arisen in case of multiple contractors, as only one company is liable for the given service.

We are to offer:

- Coordinated team work. Cooperating with each other, our employees create a qualified product;

- Savings and Efficiency. The service given by one company is more cost-effective and contains all the required tools;

- Liability. Ordering separate projects from different companies, you are under the risk of facing a lack of responsibility for service quality, as it is shifted into a third person;

- System approach. Having launched the company’s strategy, budget is optimized and tasks are reviewed;

- Time is the most valuable resource. The project embodied into reality saves a lot of time which could be spend on mediation, documents negotiation and guidance of other contractors.

Twenty year experience.

Small companies are unable to cover a full package of service offered by larger ones. Besides, micro-companies, as a rule, fail to provide simultaneous service to lots of clients. Thus, in case of force majeure you are under the risk of getting qualified service and support.

- Trained staff.

- Full package of licenses.
Certificates and licenses

Project samples
Project on video and access
Project on video and access
Project on electricity
Project on electricity
Project on fire-alarm system
Project on fire-alarm system

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г. Запорожье
69096, бул. Винтера, д.40, к.1
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г. Павлоград
51400, ул. Светличной Анны, б. 59, оф. № 5
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